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Frequently Asked Questions


PodiSole can be used with any every-day regular fitting shoes such as work boots, running/athletic shoes, casual sneakers and casual-fitting business shoes. You can trim the toe area as necessary to achieve a perfect fit.

We don't recommend them for heels or tight-fitting dress shoes.

Please view our Sizing Guide 

Any change made to your shoe and foot positioning will feel a bit weird to begin with. Podisole's slim design tries to reduce this from happening as much as possible. Most of our customers feel comfortable after just 1 hour of use, after which they can't notice the insoles anymore.

We recommend wearing them around the house for a few hours a a time before wearing them for a full day if your feet are particularly sensitive to change.

Refunds & Returns Questions

Simply contact us with your order number. See our full Refund Policy for more details. 

Simply contact us within 30 days and we'll send you a free replacement. 

Shipping Questions

We off free standard shipping to any country in the world. We also offer express options for selected countries.

We ship from fulfillment centres in the United States, Western Europe and Eastern Asia. Your item will be shipped from the nearest in stock location.

Please read out full Shipping Policy.

Sizing Chart
US  UK Euro Inches CM
7-12 6.5-11 40-45 9.625-11.25 24.4-28.6
US  UK Euro Inches CM
4-9 2-7 35-40 8.33-10 21.2-25.4